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UI Screens - Looks like they have larger asset sizes


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I just watched this video of someone playing Pillars of Eternity in 4K (2160p) resolution. The size of the Inventory, Character Record and Various Menus were the same scale as in 1920x1080 - they looked like they were rendered at 1440p resolution.


If this is the case, why on earth do we have to be stuck with small window sized menus? I would MUCH PREFER the inventory to be full screen. The UI here *appears* to be not stretched or upscaled.


I would prefer to have full screen inventory, character record etc at 1920x1080 or 2560x1440p (I plan to upgrade to a 1440p screen soonish). If this is possible then pleaaaaase do it.


The screens should also be redesigned so that there is a character portrait sidebar so that we can easily switch party members in the character record AND inventory like in the Infinity Engine games.

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Watching this makes me so happy. Nothing related to inventories, just the fact that I'm test viewing a recording of the game being played on a 4k screen on a 23" 1080p screen, which simulates playing the game at 4k on a 23" screen without up-scaling. All 2D assets are rendered at a high enough resolution for it to not turn into a complete ant farm at such a high pixel density :). My next screen is very likely going to be 24/26" 4k, and the game already looks great at 27" 1440p.


(At least I'm assuming there's no up-scaling of 2D assets going on, it's pretty much impossible to discern when viewed on a lower res screen, since the recording is being heavily downscaled)

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