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Really old player here.

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I certainly haven't aged out of video games in general, but tastes change as you get older. I used to love shooters, now they bore the crap out of me.

I feel the same way! Haven't played a PC shooter since Quake 3. I get my ass handed to me in Halo games and mutter to myself, "damn kids and your controllers....give me a mouse and keyboard, I'll show you a thing or two..."

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I myself may be one of the younger people here, I suppose, having played Baldur's Gate when I was ten. Like many here, I've been looking for something with the old Infinity Engine feeling ever since the last of those was made, and I'll certainly be very happy if we continue to see an upswing in more classical RPGs. I have enjoyed some newer RPGs, some even quite a lot, but just not as much. I certainly haven't wanted to replay any of the newer ones as much.


I know a good many gamers much older than me (my parents included) who definitely still game. I probably wouldn't think of someone as being an older gamer until they were in their seventies, since I know a decent number of gamers in their fifties or sixties, and it doesn't really seem that unusual to me.


I know I tend to fall on the younger end of the spectrum whenever I'm talking with a group of people about the games I grew up playing, probably because I started playing games so early, my game-playing having gone hand-in-hand with learning to read. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the backers are around my age or older (with the exception of my younger brother who, of course, I know to be younger) since those would likely be the main category of people who love Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment and such and now have the money to contribute.


My gaming tastes haven't changed very much so far, although I do enjoy strategy games more than I used to. They are some of my favourites now, and when I was much younger, I didn't like them much (largely because I was impatient and poor at them). It's hard to say how much I still like some of the earliest games I played, and played so much that I could probably still complete them in my sleep, but I at least don't dislike them and still have some fondness for them. Of course, that all could still change in the future. The main difference now is that I have much less free time than I used to, so I can't play as many games as I once did.


On our first computer, I played games in QBasic, instead of DOS.

I remember QBasic. Most of the early games I played were DOS, though, it was mainly just Nibbles and Gorillas in QBasic -- well, those, and my numerous attempts at programming text-based games, which never went so well.

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