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Some findings all together

Guest stickman1234


Guest stickman1234

Alright so I'm going to make this a bit easier for me and bit harder for you guys.


Here are the bugs/issues I have been able to consistently replicate during my runs. Hopefully this will help speed up some of the fixes. There is a ranger in my party just to make it even messier. 


Characters can get stuck in place on any surface in the game. Most common causes are scripted events and combat ending. sometimes they will grey/blue out in terrain (see attached saves for Dryford bridges and wall near dragon egg specifically) sometimes they will run/skate on the spot and sometimes they are completely static. Knocking them down sometimes fixes, knockdown and saving then loading as they get up sometimes fixes.


The bar to select skills/spells etc will not always appear. This happens mostly in combat. Clicking on and off characters re loading and waiting don't fix. It appears to return in it's own time. Rangers appear most affected. 


The character screen:

Will often duplicate one party member in place of others. BB Fighter seems to be the main culprit.

Player generated characters talents and other stats will be displayed all in one as a scribble of many words. 

Some entries will duplicate many times consecutively (troll belt main culprit)




Items will disappear from the game completely when being moved between characters

Stacking items (ie lockpicks) can make them disappear

Equipping an item, mostly weapons can make them disappear

Characters will unequip weapons and run into battle unarmed

Characters will unequip a weapon and then re equip it to attack using it's full stats and attack animation but the weapon will not be shown on their model 


Save Load:

Loading a game can cause one character to 'lose' all their equipped items leaving them near naked. This is repeatable and the items are not recovered. Each run seems to pick a different character and will remove their equipment every few loads. This has happened to barbarian in attached saves BB Wizard and BB Rogue 



Summoned creatures specifically the spiders will be stuck in place and not interact.


Leaving or entering the inn at any stage in the game can cause full crash of game. 

Output log with error (is this correct?)




Some saves to look at

stuck in terrain






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