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[301] Endless boardom - Immortal Knocked Out Boar



I rolled up a new character in order to test other stuff, and started as usual, by doing the Nyfre-Medreth run. After I took down that party, there was something wrong. Endless boardom set in! :w00t:


That boar companion, which I hadn't used knock down on (unless the AI did it for the BB Fighter), lay on the ground, and when I moused over it, I got this info screen:



Even weirder, this "knocked out" condition on a baddie, turned combat and non-combat states into fleeting concepts.

It lay there, knocked out, a few seconds went by, and then the combat music stopped. I could loot everybody, but as soon as I attacked that boar, the combat music restarted, and even weirder, whatever I threw at it, it didn't take any damage (see my combat log above)! Everything registered as either 0 damage or if I cast spells on it, it didn't affect it at all. I could do this forever. It refuses to die, and I can leave it there. Even worse, it blocks the quest from getting finished.


I hate that boar! :banghead:

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