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[301] Overwhelming spell effects



[Description of the issue]

A lot of spells currently have overwhelmingly explosive or "shiny" visual effects. Taken individually, they are already quite massive but taken together in combat, they obscure everything (and, since this is a bug report, completely bog down your computer, see picture below)

[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

Use any combination of spells/auras. The entire screen soon becomes a chaotic mess of "things" of all colors.

[Expected behaviour]

Spell effects should be subtle when they need to be (auras, chanter effects, etc) and very, very brief when they are explosives (fireball, etc)


When this happened, not only I could not see ANYTHING, but my framerate dropped to 3FPS and this lasted for the entire duration of the spell (which was quite long, as a note).

This is typically what should never happen and a good example of a spell effect that should be 1) explosive for a second and 2) very subtle afterwards.



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