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Inconsistent experience with hover over ability buttons that trigger sub-toolbars



[Description of the issue]

Sometimes hovering over an ability is "sticky," sometimes it is not and needs to be clicked.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

1) Use a wizard/priest (or any other class that has a toolbar ability that triggers another).

2) Hover e.g. Level 1 spells.

3) Note that the level 1 spells toolbar appears above.

4) Move the mouse cursor to select a level 1 spell.

5) Sometimes the level 1 spell toolbar disappears once your mouse moves off the level 1 spells ability button. I do not know the circumstances that determines whether it stays or disappears.


[Expected behaviour]

Either the sub-toolbar should always stay OR the ability button should always require a click.

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Might it be related to pausing?


Currently I've noticed that if you go to select a spell but pause first it closes the toolbar on you or something, and it also stops any targeting you have. Whereas in the IE games if you had an action selected and paused, it would not de-select your action and you would simply be able to target it.

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