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[v278] Summoned blights don't move / attack



[Description of the issue]

Summoning a blight with my druid character worked fine, but the "creature" will be of no use. It was never able to attack, even when an enemy was engaging it in melee.




1) Create druid character

2) Engage some enemies in battle

3) Cast a blight summoning spell

4) Try and select that blight creature and have it move somewhere

5) Because it won't move, lure an enemy close to it

6) Run away with your other characters in order to have the enemy engage the blight

7) If the enemy is attacking the blight at close range, try to attack it with blight. Otherwise go to step 5 and repeat



[Expected behaviour]

1) Blight is able to move

2) Blight is able to attack


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Hello samm,


Thank you for posting. This issue should be resolved already in our current build. I will add it to the known issues list so that everyone can see that it is relevant in this build.


Thank you for your assistance during the beta!  :lol:

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