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[v278] Can forcibly level up even without xp.



[Description of the issue]

Going to the Character Screen and repeatedly clicking the Level Up button will take to to the Level Up screen for the character. After the level up options are selected and you click "done" the screen will become black.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

1) Open Character Screen

2) Click on Level up button until Level Up screen apears

3) Proceed to level up.

4) Click "done"

5) Game will black screen with background music still on.



[Expected behaviour]

Not being able to level up without the required experience.


[Other Remarks]

While in the black screen you can click and hear clicking noises should you click around the lower left part of the screen.

You cant enter any menus while in the balck screen and the only option is to corcibly close Pillars of Eternity.

There is no crash message or anything.

I had just finished the Dragon Egg Quest and had recieven some XP for that.

I also had a 6th party member in the form of a level 5 Chanter.

Was in Windowed Mode.


EDIT: For what its worth this is how my character screen looks:





Whenever I open that save and open the Character Screen I get a mess of text and numbers and have to click on the "next character" button to get rid of them though the character portraits and names never appear despite their information appearing. re-loading does not solve the black screen isssue mentioned above as there is no way to re-load afaik.

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