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Hello, community :)


I think it's customary for new forum members to start a thread to introduce themselves. I'm a 30 y.o. guy, who has played IE games since Baldur's Gate II, then backtracked to BGI, and got a bit of experience with Icewind Dale. I anticipated NwN, and was mostly disappointed by it, enjoyed Arcanum enormously, and stood in awe of Fallout 2 when I discovered it for myself, about 10 years after it had been released. :)


Needless to say, the mentioned games have been central points in developing my perception of what constitutes a good cRPG game, so when I recently heard about PoE (it's funny how it coincides with passcode from "Dr. Strangelove"), conceived by people who had worked on all those games that had had such an impact on me, I knew I had to take part in this. It's lucky that Kickstarter allows the playerbase to feel so much more involved in a the making of a favourite game, and of making a game a favourite game, than the regular means of distribution can allow them to feel.


I'm proud to say I'm a backer, and an optimist about the franchise's development. I've played the beta for only a couple of hours, but I'll share my impressions in a separate thread. This is just to say hi, and I'm happy to be here, and especially to be around the developers of the games I spent much of my teenage years with :) Back then, communication with developers wasn't as easy as it is nowadays.

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