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A New Idea in Role-Playing


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I really hope this doesn't upset anyone, as I simply can't imagine a better place to begin.


Having given this a grand title, I'm hoping that it's justified in some way.


There's a game in development for a world originally known as Dragonborn 15 years ago, now working in new ways. It was made for a 6mm wargame system for friends, but grew well beyond that. What is being done is a set of rpg rules, with a new system that encourages strong, multi-faceted stories.


The idea is to run a three-tiered role playing game campaign (three characters each player in three stories that link, run as needed), with the ability to then designate a certain amount of sessions (say one in six or eight) for 'epic play', which involves your own characters. There would also be tactical sessions when events in role-play designate such a response. These sessions then turn the role playing game into a kingdom management rpg; through Realm Play you can perform many different actions, including mass military or diplomatic (from pacification, through to fomenting unrest in foreign realms). This would require an expansion book, but you can also order boardgame components (or just play it as a boardgame) - including plastic army and settlement markers. All through would be face to face human actions like diplomacy.


You CAN then add full military action (so field battles), using tokens and other items you can print yourself, or order. This can vary from the token driven army units, through to purchasing plastic or metal figures to represent the men the tokens would be replaced by. That will determine quite accurately the outcome of an aspect of playing a Realm. You don't have to represent full battles, however, as a much lighter system can replace this more abstractly.


The point is to allow players to do what has never been done: anything you like to do with playing games in a pnp universe. The rpg is central, and is unlike any other. If you wish to get involved in the other aspects then you can, but will lose nothing if you don't wish to. Because it's meant to be for players. There won't be a kickstarter, as I want to get the input of everyone and develop it from other peoples' wants - it's easy to run ahead and make an immediate grand entry, but I don't want it to be wrong.


So what I want to do is run a huge 'alpha project'. Anyone who gets involved can order the components as they are available, at a much lower cost. This would give me the means to get it moving and just do this, but people who joined in would get all the materials they are interested in, released in stages - at the end of it, when released, full copies of everything bought during the test would be given freely to the people who supported it. They'd have paid less than the 'proper' cost already, so would be getting it at about cost in some cases.


It's easy saying this, but the world is 15 years old, and is very heavily developed. I can show you something of it easily. The detail is immense, and the work on rules and art is of very high quality. It's not stick men and word documents, but a professional layout and design.


If this is a terrible idea, then that's partly why I'm asking first. Would investing in something like this be something you'd do, or would you simply look sadly at an idiot? Admittedly, I moved all the mirrors from my house recently.


The world is already being developed as a modification for Medieval Total War II, and this may be the easiest way to show some of that work. There is a reason I am specifically posting this here first too. Black isle and Obsidian were the first people to give this feel of grand strategy to modern computer gaming, and almost the only ones to do so. Without running a keep in Baldur's Gate, this may not have gone quite so far. People who played through all those should have a good viewpoint!




For a fairly quick idea of what the world has to offer, please look at these posts or pages - it'll work or not work from here, I would imagine. You don't need to register.


A VERY quick idea of what to expect (a Preview of the Selediri Faction)




Main Discussions




Previews Section (worth checking)




It's possible to show models of settlements and military units, but they're initial works atm. I am also happy to provide looks at what some of the books will look like - they will be available as pdfs, but will have the option of soft and hardback versions at release.



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One thing I didn't make clear was that all publications would be handled through drivethrurpg, Shapeways and other businesses. They allow massive freedom but also protect people too.


I also wanted to say that there is one thing in particular that would give something to the system and background. There will be a (free) kit published later that allows players to make and submit 'adventures', which they can make and submit, and can then freely publish themselves (an open licence), if it matches the background enough...that would be a simple enough process, and would look as much like the actual rules and other graphic works in quality as possible. 


I'd best show a couple of shots of artwork....


Faction/Racial information header








Mock up back cover



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It sounds clever. Possibly beyond my humble brain.


Can I suggest that your plan should incorporate training at individual aspects - training that is fun and rewarding in its own right - before expecting people to get into the whole.

"It wasn't lies. It was just... bull****"."

             -Elwood Blues


tarna's dead; processing... complete. Disappointed by Universe. RIP Hades/Sand/etc. Here's hoping your next alt has a harp.

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