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What's worse than toilet paper stuck to your shoe?

TR Lobo


Well, the answer is a bow, a spear, a grimoire, a crossbow, and other assorted items.


It started off with my lead character having a spear stuck to the icon.  It didn't seem to have any effect other than graphically.  Now the issue has grown exponentially.  Nearly all of the characters have something stuck to their feet.  Even my companion wolf.


I went into Winfrith's to make a purchase, and all the items are now arranged in a neat little pile (non-selectable) in front of the counter...with the exception of my wolf.  Presumably because he hasn't an inventory to trade from, so he gets to run around with a bow strapped to his paws.


Well...I was actually going to paste a screenshot of it, but I can't use the extensions .jpg or .png, so I will attach it.


...And the file is too big, so I will just allow you to use your imagination.

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