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[v278] Ranger pet stuck in the Dracogen Inn



[Description of the issue]

After hiring a ranger adventurer at level 4, when going to the upper floor the pet became stuck in place. Saving/Loading from main menu made it unstuck. After going back down it spawn off the movement mesh in a wall. Tried a couple of times.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]


1) Hire adventurer / start new ranger (I'd assume)

2) Go to the upper Dracogen Inn floor

3) Pet was stuck for me so save game / load from main menu

4) Go back down


[Expected behaviour]

Pet not stuck or in walls ;)


[Other remarks / Comments]

I've only tried this with a hired a adventurer ranger. I assume it affects all rangers.


Other issues visible:

  • Quickbar gets filled with items I've picked up, they're in storage.
  • Equipped items of the party lay on the ground. I've seen this in other indoor areas
  • Ranger has no circle to the lower right of the portrait, where summons go




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