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The opening theme is subtle. Very subtle. It uses the standard technique of building tension and then releasing it with a subdued yet effective climax. da-da-da-da-DAA-da-da-DAA-da-da...and so on. I like it. :)  It's sweet on the surface, but in that climax, I detect  an element of foreboding. It promises that there is something not so normal beneath the fabric. The music here  is effective, but oh so subtle, and oh so safe. Perhaps too safe. The composer went for the traditonal route here, and while it's understandable, it's a bit of a shame.


One of the best parts of the Infinity  Engine games for me is the music. But in those games, the composer didn't play it so safe. The notes from Kuldahar's theme in Icewind Dale 1 make you shiver as you feel the cold, you smell the fire, you hear the murmur of the townfolk. The music transports you inside the town and feeds such vivid images into your brain. That pounding theme as Targos is attacked in Icewind Dale 2, is a veritable military march. With those drums becoming an incessant, heart pounding command of a military officer urging you onwards! onwards! to battle!  For me though, the absolute best opening music has to be from  NWN Hordes of the Underdark. "Waterdeep..." the narrator begins and the musical score underneath builds slowly unto a stirring epic climax that promisies adventure in the mysterious depths of the underdark!


My point here: Music was an important part of the Infinity Engine experience, and while the music here is effective, I wonder if perhaps it's  too subtle.

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