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[v278] Items with Spellbind cause abilities to mess up



[Description of the issue]

I had a druid who carried two items that grant you spells - the guildmaster staff and some cloak that grants minoletta's missiles. Loading a Savegames with those items equipped caused the druid to have multiple icons for both the healing and the missile spells, he suddenly had some rogue abilities as level 2 spells. That savegame was too big to upload, so the attached file only demonstrates that the healing ability for the guildmaster staff multiplied.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]


1) Load attached savegame

2) Select the PC "pala"

3) See three icons for "Restore Minor Stamina"


[Expected behaviour]

Example: The icon should only appear once


[Other remarks / Comments]

Example: I swear, on my druid things were a lot more messed up!^^




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