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[v278] Elfya doesn't run away



[Description of the issue]

Elfya stays and fights battle after lying about drake making the egg and coming back to chase whoever takes the egg


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

Meet the bandits

Ask why you want a dragon egg

Ask what do you know about drafon eggs

Lie about the drake marking the egg

Have text appear that Elfya is going

Elfya then stays and fights the battle, but no health markers above her - but can damage and kill her


[Expected behaviour]

Elfya goes and the battle is with 3 bandits instead of 4


[Other remarks / Comments]

Elfya graphics flicker and multiple Elfyas appear briefly during the battle

Think it has something to do with pathing - the exit was blocked with the party when this occurred
Only happened once out of 4 times. On subsequent reloads Elfya blocked the rest of the party coming through the gap

only sent bbfighter up to talk and left rest behind in gap between rocks

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