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[v278] Loading Game w/ Item in Quickbar



When I loaded a game with a "Major Potion of Regeneration" in my BB Fighter's quickbar, the quickbar became scrambled.

What I did prior (Previous Bug thread):

1. Equipped Major Potion of Regen+Deflection Ring (Found when Scouting/Sneaking)

2. Went into cave
3. Took a screenshot of BB Fighter Animation Bug (which shows the quickbar just fine)
4. Saved Game
5. Loaded Game

The quickbar should not be scrambled after loading.

Comment #1:
It looks as if the code has read the quickbar backwards or looped somehow, as the icons are now in reversed position.

Comment #2:
Open "BB Fighter Animation Bug" screenshot in one browser tab and the below "Quickbar" screenshot in another browser tab and you can see how the quickbar changes.

http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/36348751588362649/41147B3A284744F3D7E257077ACA73B95FB9470C/ - Quickbar

Savefile (Inside Cave)

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