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[v278] Eternal deaths of the BB rogue and my main character disappeared!



I was in Dyrford Ruins, fighting the two guards and a cultist just outside the apparatus room. I was playing on Easy. I had a party of six, and overall, I reckon, fights had taken longer this time around, with a lot of swish-swooshing (grazing, non-effective weapon messages, etc). 


As an aside: The misses in D&D IE games pale in comparison to the near-misses in V278. It makes the fights über-boring.


Well, the fight took far, far too long. 20 minutes, and thw two guards were still standing, one injured and one badly injured. I got tired of it all, and ordered my entire party to just leave in the midst of combat.

Said and done.

Unfortunately, pathfinding issues had the two guards trapping the BB wizard, and they slaughtered him. He didn't just die. He was gone, portrait and all.




Well, I kept ordering my party to leave those near-invincible two guards, but they caught up with the BB rogue, and killed her too.


However, she didn't die and get eradicated. She just kept on coming back from the dead. I counted to 22 times!

I had her use escape, but they always caught up and killed her. Her health was 10, and stamina 1, for each new life she got.

The 23rd time she actually died like the BB wizard, for good, and her portrait was gone.


The remainder of my party reached the exit and went up to the Dyrford crossing.

Most stuff looked OK, except for a pointer icon, saying that the BB fighter was off somewhere else, while he was not. He was in my party walking to the compass card area transition.


Then I used the map to reach the village.


Then my main character was gone. No trace of her!!!

The rest of my party walked around, all BB party members, and they could talk to NPCs and interact. Everythingwas normal besides the pointer icon that said the BB fighter was off somewhere else.


This is the most bizarre bug so far for me. :)

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