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[BUG] Casting spells from multiple casters causes move instead of casting

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During battle, if you have more than one caster and cycle through them while the game is paused so you can order them to cast an AoE spell, once you unpause sometimes the spell caster you are not currently controlling will walk to the target spot instead of casting the spell.




I have not been able to replicate this with consistency, but have seen it happen numerous times. As an example, if you pause the game and choose to have BB Wizard cast an AoE spell, then switch to BB Priest to also cast an AoE spell, then perhaps have your main (assuming a caster) cast an AoE spell, when you unpause one of the casters may, instead of casting, just walk to the targeted spot instead of actually casting the spell.


It does not happen all the time and does not seem to matter if your main is a caster or not, as it can occur if using just the BB Wizard and BB Priest to cast simultaneously. But if you're not directly controlling the caster, this sometimes will occur. This also does not seem to be an issue with line of sight as far as I can tell.




One would expect that the character would cast the spell instead of walking into the target zone and getting toasted by the spell salad the other characters are casting.

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