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Unlocking the engine?

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The game has been out for some time now. could obsidian consider unlocking its engine to allow for the most revolutionary modding like feat\saber style modifications?

the engine was developed by Bioware,Odyssey Engine,and bioware hasn't still declared it open source.probably they will not do it,because they fear someone might release the real Kotor 3 that everyone was expecting

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open source no, but retired yes.

besides, they don't need to declare it open source. they could just unlock the exe to use more data from the 2da files, rather than having so many things packed up in the EXE ignoring the editable files.

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Proprietary engines that are developed to only inhouse use in mind usually use so much third party middleware and usually in such way that engine would need very major changes before it can be made open source and even then it probably would not work in products that were made with before changes. For example Obsidian could not afford to use their own Onyx engine in Pillars of Eternity because of middleware that it used and they saw it easier and cheaper to use Unity and port their own middleware tools for it instead of making changes in Onyx.

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