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[BUG] Deleting saved games

Ink Blot




On the Load screen, when you have a large number of saves under a particular character name, a 'ghost outline' of save slots appears under the save games window. (The window can only list so many in the space given). As well, when you delete a save, the cleared spot remains empty so that you have to scroll the list to get at saves toward the bottom of the list.




Make several saves (7 or more) so that when you bring up the Load screen, the window cannot show them all. You'll see the 'ghosts' of the saves that cannot fit in the window below it. Delete some saves. The slot area where the save was remains blank.




Would expect not to see the 'ghosts'. As well, I would expect the list to compress with each deleted save so you don't need to scroll the empty space out of the way to bring the saves at the bottom of the list into view.

Screenie attached to illustrate.


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