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wrong attack speed modifier for crit/grazes?



[Description of the issue]

The attack speed modifier for daze effects is better on a critcal hit than on a graze/normal hit. A graze has an attack speed from *0.425, a normal hit from * 0.85  and a crit has a modifier from * 1,275.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

1. make a high dex priest.

2. use interdiction on enemies.

4. go with the mouse cursor over the daze effect.

5. See that a daze effect increases attack speed on critical hits.


[Expected behaviour]

attack speed modifiers should be worse on critical hits for daze effects.



I'm not sure if only the display value is wrong, or if citcial daze effects really make enemies faster.

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Hey Prometheus,


Good find. The issue is actually Crits and Grazes should only be effecting the duration for status effects. The amount of attack speed loss should remain the same no matter crit, normal, or graze. I've added this issue to our data base and we will work to get it fixed before the Beta update.


Keep up the good work citizen.  :dancing:

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