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Issue with the german localisation: Very misleading regarding rogue!


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The rogue class is translated with "Dieb" in the current beta version. This literally means "thief". So. If someone without prior knowledge of the game creates a "rogue" in german, he expect to get a "Thief". And as we all know, there is not a single "theftlike ability" within the rogue´s class kit.

He can´t pickpocket.

He can´t open locks (everyone can!).

He cant disable traps (everone can!).

This is not just myself making things up, I´ve already seen two streams/youtube clips from german beta players literally saying: "Well, seems rogue is bugged, can´t find any option to lockpick/pickpocket a merchant".


Please reconsider renaming rogue from "dieb" to "schurke", what makes much more sense.


Btw, in the three dictionaries I lookd up, not a single translation "rogue = dieb" is offered.

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