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Psychopath reactivity...



In Dyrford, I had a corrupted game, so I decided to see what would happen if I just went balistic and killed everything that moved


1) The threshold for the town objecting to broad daylight murder is insanely high. I think I killed half the town before Villagers turned red.

1.1) Even "groups" of nearby villagers were completely unphazed by the murder of their friend 2 feet away from them, carrying on conversations as normal.

2) Villagers should be level 1 humans with stats of 10 all accross, or at least something that puts up a fight better than a dry strawman inside a forest fire. They were one hit kills.

3) Everyone living "inside" were completely oblivous to the bloodbath "outside". Winfrith, Tyrgril, everyone in Dracogen Inn, etc... Easiest way would be to put people into a "Dyrford faction", and make the hole faction hostile when you go psycho.

4) AFAIK, my "cruelty" rating never went up.


None of these are "bugs" per se, but they are certainly *issues* that need to be tackled in some way or another.

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Should be bugged. Atleast until a producer/designer/programmer comes back and states : Not a bug -as designed. Player should be given the leeway to commit mass murder in town without NPC overreaction.

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