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Following errors



Following errors that I have stumbled upon

- Keeping in mind that it is still beta




  • Very often doing combat, or just regular movement, your character is stuck in looping the running-animation (I am even unsure that he/she attacks while he is doing the running-animation (even though he is not moving)) (Odd Graphic / Animation)
  • Dead players are still standing up (no death animation) (Odd Graphic / Animation)
  • I looted some coppercoins, unfortunately, I looted them to my Party-Stash... now they are stuck there... cannot recieve them to the party coin-pool. (very sad face) (Graphic / Inventory)
  • When I mouse-over an Item in my Party-Stash, the hover-text-information pops-up behind my stash-window, which makes it impossible to read it... (Graphic / Inventory)
  • Cannot Zoom-in doing the battle upstairs @ Draco-Inn in Dyrford Village. (Graphic)
  • Sometimes doing "Pause" an annoying sound is looping until' unpause. (Sound)
  • The Lore Book - "The Dyrwood, Part I Early Colonial History - Header is too long to fit graphically (Graphic / Item)
  • Quick Save Shortcut button does not work :( (Control)
  • After loading a saved game, all journal entry is deleted/hidden/removed - including Quests, Tasks, etc. (Graphic / Quest / Journal)
  • When I am in Dyrford Village and I look at the map, there is no water in the flood running through Dyrford Village... I am not sure if it is a bug, but it looks odd.  (Graphic)
  • Doing trade with an NPC, the "Sorting Item Button" does not really work, instead of hiding all items that is not in the selected group of items, it blurs them out, however they are still on the item-inventory-list ... which makes no sense :) (Graphic / Inventory)




  • Hopefully prettier characters and items (especially the missing ones) (Ofc. it is Beta)
  • Maybe some more information about your stats, on Mouse'Over @ the Charactersheet (Layout / info)
  • Bold / Lager text in the description of What LEVEL the character is, would be nice :) (Layout)
  • Maybe make it possible to create landmarks/map-notes on the map, unless you prefer that people write it as journal-notes. (Layout-Map)
  • The character portrait clicking system, is slightly odd, maybe it is just me, but I have to click on them quite a lot, to select that character (alone) - (is it normal that if you have selected your party, and click "Talk with this NPC", the closest member of the party speaks with that NPC, and not your "leader" ?) (Control / PC/NPC)
  • Maybe it is just me, even though I click "Tab" a lot, some drops are hard to notice... (Prolly me being old...)



- Stoch

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