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Melee Rangers


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I'm a little more than concerned that Rangers will become pigeon holed into being a ranged attacker only. From every rpg I've played, and all of the literature I've read, a ranger is a wanderer of the wilds. This doesn't mean he uses a bow exclusively, yet most of the abilities fir ranger are geared that way. What about stalking my prey and getting in close for the kill? What about setting up a trap or snare right outside a door? A ranger should be versatile.


Also, apart from the animal companion, I do not feel Rangers are of the wild. Nothing really sets them apart from fighters. How about being able to track animals for food? Forage for ingredients? Identify what creatures have recently traversed the area so I can prepare for the ensuing hunt? Maybe it's asking for too much, but I'm not feeling like Aragon or Drizzt. I feel like a commoner who tricked a stunted wolf to be my pet.

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