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Character generation


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Hi everybody,


I just started playing the beta. In the character generation phase I was wondering why the portrait of my char does not look like the char I generated. Why is that so? It makes no sense to generate a character when the portrait does not even look like it. I could even select a female and an elve (I created a human). Also I would like to have more posssibilities in character generation (more hairstyles, colors and so on) but this will hopefully adjusted in the final version.

And what about the reflection of items the character wears in the inventory screen? Maybe this comes from the beta - but I would like to see it in the final.


So far the beta look nevertheless great even the German translation seems ok (some word wrapping issues).


Keep up the good work, Stefan

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Well it's early beta, so don't expect that OE has had time to create a portrait for every possible character combo. They will likely add some more before release, but it's probably not realistic to expect that every possibility will be represented in with a custom drawn portrait.


But that's where importing custom portraits comes into play! ;)

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