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Amount of loot vs. inventory space


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Having grown up with games like the Baldur's Gate series, Icewind Dale and Torment, I have accepted that inventory management and carrying weight capacity seem to be something of a staple for old school games. Whether they still should be and whether these decisions on what to loot and carry add any meaningful RP decisions or whether they are just a waste of precious time is a good question, but I wanted to remark on something else here. Playing the beta, I went through the village and was about half way into the spider cave, when I realized that I had already ran out of inventory space. And it seemed like I had only just started out and hadn't actually done much! So I'm wondering what is the problem here - is there just too much various crap that you can pick up? Is stuff just not stacking properly in your bags? (I noticed that I couldn't combine two stacks of identical items.) It felt to me like the amount of junk could be toned down significantly.


Also, I'm wondering if others also have a bit of a hard time spotting the bodies to loot, especially on a sort of rocky terrain where the corpses just blend in. Personally I could do with a bit more pronounced glow from lootable corpses upon hitting tab key.

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