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[Bug] Soul Vessel Item / Vithrak Brain Item Issues



[Description of the issue]

This issue is specifically that the Vithrak corpse in the ruins doesn't disappear and the items it contains are there for looting multiple times, but it may be related to a larger issue with the Vithrak encounter which I will explain in "Other remarks / Comments."


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

1) Load linked savegame.

2) Open inventory and verify that Main Character (Character #2) and BB Rogue (Character #4) each carry the "Soul Vessel" item due to issues both with this entire encounter repeating and the items in Vithrak's corpse reappearing after being looted. Close Inventory.

3) Click on the container on ground (Vithrak's corpse) nearby.

4) Loot all to BB Fighter (Character #1).

5) Open inventory and note that BB Fighter now carries both the looted items from the container, the Soul Vessel and the Vithrak brain. Also note that both Soul Vessel items previously in inventory have disappeared.


[Expected behavior]

Items in Vithrak's corpse should loot properly and not reappear after area transitions and/or saving and loading.


[Other remarks / Comments]

So my issues with this area may or may not stem from the following occurring in my first encounter: Upon entering the room in scouting mode, I got a little ways into the room and then clicked to initiate dialogue with the Vithrak. Before BB Fighter could reach him to initiate dialogue, it auto initiated. I chose the peaceful resolution of letting him go, but then as the dialogue window closed BB Fighter finished walking up to him and dialogue initiated again as if it hadn't happened already. I once again chose the peaceful options and allowed him to leave.


Upon later discovering that I needed a soul vessel to complete the ritual involving the glowing runes, and being unable to "enter the water" to get a soul vessel as per the direction of a talking stone (I assumed that this involved the scripted event right next to the entrance that I was unable to complete), I returned to the Vithrak's lair to scout about for a soul vessel. To my surprise, he was still there and the original encounter began again. I thought that perhaps the game simply hadn't registered the resolution the first time so I once again allowed him to leave. Upon going back up to the gorge and back down again, the Vithrak remained. This time I attacked and once he was dead I took the soul vessel but was still unable to complete the ritual in the ritual room. I later loaded the game up, returned, and had to kill him a second time. Since then he has not reappeared, but as noted here his corpse remains with vessel and brain despite having been looted twice already.


I know that this is all pretty convoluted and I wish I had kept more saves along the way to help recreate all of these issues but I didn't. I hope that this was at least somewhat helpful.





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