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[Bug] BB Wizard UI Issue -- unable to cast spells due to this



[Description of the issue]

Upon selecting BB Wizard a bugged display pops up which does not include access to his spells, etc.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

1) Load linked savegame

2) Open inventory

3) Equip BB Wizard with grimoire (Note: UI is already displayed incorrectly before this step, it doesn't change upon equipping the grimoire, steps 2-4 can technically be skipped but I wanted to note that having the grimoire equipped makes no difference)

4) Return to main game screen

5) Select BB Wizard

6) Clearly bugged UI pops up offering access to only his weapon and a quick access item


[Expected behavior]

Selecting BB Wizard should cause correctly displayed UI to pop up allowing access to all weapon sets, quick items, spells, and abilities.


[Other remarks / Comments]

The incorrectly displayed box will change. For example, if after the above steps you select BB Fighter and then select BB Wizard again, the display box will still offer only access to those two things but will be stretched horizontally to show more blank space.





DxDiag Attached


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