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I don't remember the name, been there twice but "L.. R.." something. The language feels new, even though I've read it in theory, it's good.

Lag in the Stormwall Ruins when entering and disappearing Rogue and unfinishable fight.

1- Dwarf, Rogue, Old Valia, Dissident, Noble Focus
2- Went to Stormwall Gorge
3- Defeated some Lions
4- Took a Settler's Arrow
5- Owned the Pwra (sp)
6- Entered Ruins.
#7- Super sudden slowdown lag, not "Slow-Motion" but really laggy and unresponsive. Icon bug.

#8- Engaged spiders. The did not engage back all the way.
#9- Used "Escape" with Rogue, became invisible (Hobbled+Escape bug). Party died. Unkillable spider.



#7- If the spell bar is out it should take priority above icons underneath. And no lagging when entering.

#8- VFX to be displayed underneath the target and not duplicated on the party.

#8- Spiders attacking/engaging in combat, or in-combat/terroritorial spider behavior~AI.

#9- Rogue successfully escaping and/or getting visually hobbled.




Comment #1:
I was downloading Dishonored GOTY in the background in Steam. Suspecting lag due to that.

Comment #2:
I was playing a "no save game" unfortunately so I don't have a save this time.

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