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Initial Attribute Impressions & Suggestions

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Now that I have actually played the Beta, I do have some remarks on the attribute system.



  • It doesn't feel overpowered to me on a general basis with most abilities, but I understand on a technical basis how it is a preferential stat.
  • Spells with high ranges like Fireball demonstrate increased potency when comparing Might values of 10 vs 19.
    • Suggestions
    • Perhaps removing or diminishing the Fortitude bonus if might is thought of as too powerful.


  • Serves its purpose and is logically consistent per its description.
  • I haven't noticed a great deal of difference between a Dex of 10 and 19.
  • Dexterity feels only marginally important, particularly in light of leveling increases to Accuracy.
    • Suggestions
    • While I may be underestimating the value of Accuracy because I do not yet fully understand the game mechanics, increasing the Deflection bonus may help.


  • Logically consistent.
  • High constitution values feel significant.
  • Incremental increases feel worthwhile.
    • Suggestions
    • None. Well defined and implemented.


  • Useful within dialogue.
  • Significant for Wizards and Priests. Using a control type wizard, the results were tremendous when having an intellect of 19 vs 10.
  • Marginal value for non-casters. While it appeared that the Hobbled condition did persist longer from the Rogue's Crippling Strike ability, other abilities like Knockdown and various chants were less discernible.
  • Large AoE are as often problematic as beneficial for Wizards. Indiscriminate spells can be at many times detrimental because the AoE is so large, that they are render useless once melee occurs. Smaller AoEs allow my Wizard to target in between combatants, rendering it ultimately superior (for the Wizard at least) to have a reduced AoE, rather than cripple my own party.
  • AoEs were frequently so large, that my Wizard sometimes had no choice but to be subject to the spell's effects due to limited casting distance. Very problematic.
    • Suggestions
    • In combat, intellect is a double edged sword that cuts slightly more towards the wielder. If possible, allow for some mechanism to control the size of the AoE or mitigate the harmful effects of indiscriminate spells on allies.


  • Useful in dialogue
  • Irrelevant elsewhere. Even when maximized, I couldn't detect any increase in interrupting enemy actions. This observation is inclusive to spells like Thrust of Tattering Veils.
    • Suggestions
    • Consider increasing maximum range of spells/abilities/weapons.
    • Consider increasing native critical chance (weapon & spell alike) in a non-trivial manner.
    • Consider (in conjunction with the Lore skill) being used to identify enemy HP, Deflection, Accuracy, etc. when the cursor is hovering over them.
    • Consider increasing fog of war distance, and/or "light radius" within darkened conditions.


  • Useful within dialogue.
  • Limited combat use. It may be due to enemy type, but I did not feel like Will was attacked often.
  • Interruption of player character actions has gone unnoticed in my sessions.
    • Suggestions
    • I personally feel that resolve is a better candidate for increasing effect duration in respect to magical/supernatural abilities. The will to resist is coincident with the will to compel. In a world of soul magic, resolve intuitively satisfies this.
    • If intellect were to screen/mitigate friendly-fire, intellect would still be worthwhile attribute, while granting Resolve a tremendously useful bonus regardless of class.


Overall, I felt that the attributes were fairly balanced. Some have more profound influence, but never did any character feel worthless in the absence of having those statistics elevated. Furthermore, some attributes will always be more useful to certain classes, but I do not feel that this is a negative.

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