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Bug: Major combat issues in one area (save game attached)

Dray Truoc


[Description of the issue]

During one battle in Stormwall Gorge with Feral Druids:

  1. Rogue used Finishing Blow which flooded my combat log with tons of entries.  Once this happened, it seemed to keep happening. (Screenshot 00003).  Same happened with Crippling Strike in 00005.
  2. My Priest became un-selectable for a while.  The battle ended, and I kept clicking on both the priest character and the portrait and it would not let me select the priest.  Eventually after trying to 'select all' numerous times I managed to get her back in the party. (Screenshot #00004)
  3. The rogue was hit with some sort of spell effect (glowing red lines in screenshot #00005) and a continuous sound.  It lagged the whole game and would not go away.  Had to quit. (See attached save game file)
  4. Fighter was hit with Cipher's reflecting lance attack (can't recall it's name) and the little red icon over the Fighter's portrait stayed even after the battle and into a subsequent one.  See all screenshots attached, especially #00005, and you'll see the red icon.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

Pretty well described what I know above.  For the Rogue, using the abilities seems to cause the log issue.  I'm not sure what the Rogue was hit with that caused the persistent effect and sound.


[Other remarks / Comments]

My first time to Stormwall Gorge, so can't speak to whether these are recurrent or not.  Save game file attached.



Save game file (screenshots take me over limit, so will try to add to subsequent post here)

e47371d8ebf5439ea1a46c5bf7ca6b1f StormwallGorge 7666229.zip

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