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Place of [Enchant] button very unintuitive.

Ark Evensong


Perhaps not an actual bug, but I consider it an issue, anyway.

(And again, maybe already known, but  ... 25+ pages.)


[Description of the issue]


Place of [Enchant] button on Item Information pop-up window very unintuitive.



[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]


Start a new game, open inventory and right-click on a weapon or armor.

(See Screenshot)



-Notice how there's a button is placed in the bottom middle of the popped up information window.

Try to close the window. - Instead of clicking outside the window, automatically click the button at the bottom.

-Notice you're now in the Enchant Menu, instead of back in your inventory.


[Expected behaviour]


... There is a single, centered button placed at the bottom of a window.

20(+?) years of PC use has trained me to see this as an "Okay/Acknowledged/Dismissed" button. I know I can't be the only one. I don't care that it says "Enchant", the Expected Behaviour of a button placed in that location is to close that window, especially in the absence of an actual [x] in the upper right corner.


Maybe add an actual "Close" button, and place 'em side by side at the bottom?


[Other remarks / Comments]


Eh, I might get used to it after clicking it inadvertently another 100 times or so... Heh. Deprogramming is hard.


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Hello Ark Evensong,


The UI for item descriptions has actually already been redesigned in our current builds. It has been changed to include an [X] in the upper right hand corner and the enchant button is now far less awkward and misdirecting. 


Hopefully this found to be a more pleasant look as it is released in the next backer update.


Thank you for your support!  :sorcerer:

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