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[Bug] Character Death & Escaping Combat to different Area



New game, Barbarian, got to the Cave and 2 characters died mortally (BB Fighter and BB Rogue), I fled the Cave with BB Wizard and BB Priest into the Dyrford Crossing. When I entered the Cave, my BB Wizard and BB Priest were out of the map (with GUI showing where they were) and I had BB Fighter and BB Rogue in my party.

- Save File after events.
- output_log.txt
- Screenshots: Traveling to Dyrford Crossing (before bug), Setting up fight (before bug),  After re-entering cave (after bug)


Steps I took:
1- Didn't start any quests right away.
2- Went to Dracogen Inn
3- Listened to Lord Harond and Dengler.
4- Went upstairs and talked to Nyfre
5- Went outside and defeated Medreth
6- Went to Dyrford Crossing
7- Went to Cave
8- BB Fighter was taken out in first Spider fight to the North (0 Stamina), and came back afterwards "glitching" or "jittering". Stuck.
9- I thought "If the character dies I can leave", so I lured the Spiders from the East to deal with the BB Fighter (both got killed in the attempt though)
10- Left Cave with BB Priest & BB Wizard (during combat)
11- Entered Cave again, and now had BB Fighter & BB Rogue in my party slots.


Expected: Losing a character dies it should be permanently (stop/kill all code running it), and the BB Fighter should "wake up" without stuck-bug.

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