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35 Dollars Pledge actually a Pre-Order?

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The difference between a pledge and a pre-order is that a pledge involves way more commitment: you pay up front, and it's not refundable if you change your mind or the game doesn't ship. With a pre-order, you don't pay until you have a product in your hand and you can cancel at any time.

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This is not the question. If i pledge money to a game, I can not expect anything in return. I make an investment. I don`t have any sort of entitled claim against, in this case, Obsidian Entertainment.

If I make a pre-order, I DO have a claim: If they don`t ship the game, I can sue them for breach of contract.


So, what is. They call it: "Pledge", but, at the same time, promise me a reward. This is best of borth worlds, for them. I am in the EU, and maybe it is an EU-thing, but this sounds as some sort of "Oh sorry, we failed to deliever the game, but since you´ve PLEDGED and not PRE-ordered the game, we don`t owe you any money".


I don´t want to sound rude or greedy or something, and I don`t really think that Obsidian would screw us, but as EU-citizen I am highly scepitical about that sorts of mixed advertisements. :(

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Then wait a few days and the pledge period will have end. You can pre order the game when they start taking pre-orders.

Pledge is exactly than. If they fail to make a game, none of the kickstarter or latter backers are entitled to a refund. If that doesn't sit well with you, wait for pre orders to begin.

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