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[Crash] + Dyrford Village Exploration Save/Load



I was playing, adding notes in the journal as I went along, specifically to explore and bug-test Dyrford Village and instances. Saved and loaded in every area inside Dyrford Village. Crashed when I was trying to save next to Merdreth. I never leveled up or engaged in combat (Killed some NPCs but they are one-hit kills).

All of the steps should be found in the Journal (Notes). Asking you to check and see if my Journal entries are recorded/saved when you open them. They are more or less observations and I tried to write one for almost every action I took.

- Save File folder (Latest date-time save file has ALL notes). Saves from ALL areas in Dyrford Village (Interior+Exterior)
- Crash Folder (an outlog.txt file is in there)
- output_log.txt (not sure if same as^ but I included this as well)

Screenshots of various instances in the Note section of the Journal:
- Character Class (It felt smooth with the Paladin in terms of disappearing gear and similar, still some gear disappeared. This was much more frequent when I made a Fighter and an AH Companion. Then again, I did more actions and combat and quests)
- UI Tooltip in the way

- Leaving Dyrford Village to Dyrford Crossing (South-East) leaves vision radius when going back to Dyrford Village (persists across saves)

- Boar Madness

- Map Artifact for a millisecond when opening

- Save Game and Load Game on 2nd Floor Inn weird (Several tries and repeats makes it possible)


Sorry for not following format here, but I sort of did in the "Notes" section in-game.

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