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Sudden Freeze/Crash



Freezing when entering combat.

What I did before (Have not tried to reproduce):
1- Options with Big Head Mode On
2- Loaded Cave savefile
3- Loaded Stormwall Gorge savefile
4- Turned off Big Head Mode
5- Defeated the first lion (BB Rogue became invisible after using Escape)
6- Loaded Stormwall Gorge savefile again
7- Defeated the closest lion, and the one nearby it.
8- Went up to attack lion above the first one
9- Pressed tab quickly and then targeted lion
10- Freeze then Crash to Desktop

Expected: Not freezing.


Comment: I had some Auto-Pause Options as well, but now they have been reset (I have started a couple of "New Game" between these save files as well). Does "New Game" reset all options universally? Because the Load file is on Hard, but the enemies feel like Easy (which was my latest "New Game" creation).


- Savefiles (in links above)
- Outlog.txt

- dxdiag


Question: Do I have to post the dxdiag more than once or does it suffice just once? (e.g. Do you have some sort of administration on this?)

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