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Various bugs



Main character gets stuck when trying to attack with a new weapon (crossbow in this case)

- doesn't move or attack after.


BB Rogue goes invisible when using "escape" skill. (can fix with save->load)


In the menus the letter W gets huge. Fills a nice big portion of the screen. Namely on Weapons and Will.


Sometimes items disintegrate into very thin air when moving them between characters.

Also, sometimes i don't know if items are "junk" or if they can be used to craft something. Most of the time

the items are usable on some sort of crafting. *SUGGESTION* It would be easier if there was a tab for highlighting all the crafting items.


Hair on Orlans in character creation is bugged. The missing hair-models display as a missing face (only the hair can be seen after, floating

above the neck)


Wizard spells are missing. BB WIzard can't cast anything (besides the blue deflection spell which is visible)

because all the wizard-spell-level tabs are empty. Character tab shows that the wizard does have skills/spells to cast

but they can't be seen in the UI. 


Sometimes the Innkeeper trade-screen doesn't initiate. Can't use rooms for resting.


When loading a game the already-explored area is again clouded in utter darkness instead of fog-of-war.


Item icons are missing. Most of the items are displayed as bags of grain.


Sometimes when there is a "quest-transition" (meeting the Orlan on the 2nd level of the inn and letting her go)

the display just gets blank (instead of the transitional UI->blank->UI)


My favourite bug so far though, is this:



*missing string*



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