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Bugs after 2 play sessions



Luckily I have not had too many bugs to the point where it is unplayable. The major one, that happened twice, is my entire party disappeared after they died see this photo Notice how only 4 party members are shown at the bottom left, another time that I did not think to screen cap all but on party member disappeared. If you notice the circles by that enemy the game still thought my party was alive. I had to reload a save to get out of that issue. 


Another bug is an enemy, a beetle clipped into the ground pointing it's "face" straight up as seen in this image


While talking to Dengler, I saw "Invalid Object xxxxzzzzz rank###" see this image.


When I clicked on a magnifying glass at the start of a dungeon I saw "Missing String" instead of what ever was supposed to be there. See this image.


Occasionally, I saw improperly sized letters or ones that were capitalized out of place. Best example is on this loading screen, image.


Every so often a party member would just run of in a random direction after I told the entire party to move to a location. Sometimes the party member would stop, but once they just ran to the edge of the map. Selecting all the members and telling them to move seemed to bring them back from after what ever invisible bear was chasing them. 


Note: I had to use dropbox for the screencaps since the forum kept complaining about the files being too big. 

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