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My Dexterity is .... 1?



Steps to reproduce...


Load the save game file.


Somehow today on loading my Cipher character I found my Cipher now has 1, yes 1, Dexterity.  It isn't a debuff as rest did not remove it.  I never noticed it until loading the save so sadly I don't know what exactly might have caused it.  Was it some corruption when it loaded?  Was it an after effect of the debuff I took for removing the bloods influence from Aelys?  Was it some debuff from a spider or a beetle?  I don't know.  I tried reloads, I tried resting, I tried letting my main get knocked out in combat and recovering, all no dice.  His dex stayed at a 1.


Here is a rar file with all my logs, including the error one, and the save file where I first noticed the issue.



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