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Character Sheet: Stamina/Health and Hit/Glance Tooltips


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So, I see that one of the areas of interest is how easy it is to understand health/stamina and another is how clear the miss/glance/hit/crit system is.  Now, I've kept up with the game an read the wiki so I understand the short/long term difference of stam/health and I've played enough CRPGs that m/g/h/c is an easy to deduce concept.


But here's the thing: I have yet to find anywhere in-game where either of these is described which goes a long way to explaining why there's confusion.  The weird thing to me is that it seems like there's a clear spot where this could be done: on the character sheet.


Under every character's portrait there are 8 items: stam, health, accuracy, D.T. (damage threshold) and the 4 defences.  But there's no mouseover tooltip and nothing happens if you right-click them.  Seems like a prime spot to put some more information.  Specifically, right-clicking on stuff for information is done elsewhere on the character sheet (like on the attributes/skills - by the way, why does the right-click on those items only show the base value and not information about what those skills/attributes does).


Anyway, if you could right click on stamina/health and have it pop up an info window with a brief description of the differences, the 4:1 ratio on damage, and any other useful information that would be helpful.  And I think this is exactly where people would expect to find more detailed information about their character statistics.


Similarly, accuracy and the defences could display information about the basic principles of m/g/h/c and the relationship of acc/defences to that roll.  Sure you can deduce it from the combat log to some extent. But why have to?


D.T. could explain what it does. And, for that matter, what it stands for.  Again, you can figure it out from the combat log or items where it's spelled out, but it should be right there on the character sheet to ease people into it.


Sure, you could do a tutorial or something, but I don't really feel like that level of hand-holding is necessary and there are probably better things the devs could be doing with their time.  But writing a few tooltips should be easy-peasy and quite useful.

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