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A Few Bugs

Arcane Snowman


So far, the game is looking very promising, even if it's being buggy as hell for me. My current issues include:


1) Game Crashes when using Chanter and finishing an encounter.  (Not sure if this one system specific)


2) Improper Quest Item Detection: I'm currently unable to hand in any quest that requires an item from the quest bag, the item is simply not detected.


3) Inventory actions seem to carry over. As in, whenever I click on an item and close the inventory via hotkeys, and the game is still acting as if I'm trying to relocate the item. For example, I was trying to see if I could relocate a severed head from the quest bag to resolve issue #2, but seeing as it didn't work I closed the inventory, the cursor was still set to trying to relocate the head making it impossible to do anything, including opening the inventory. I eventually had to just close the game down. 


I apologize for not having any screen shots, but it didn't occur to me at the time. I'll see if I can replicate the error.

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