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Per engagement skills and pacifist playthroughs

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When I tried a solo-rogue-pacifist run, I managed to use the Escape skill to teleport through the spiders guarding the entrance to the ogre's cave. After talking him down and leaving the cave, I found that Escape did not regenerate until I baited some spiders back to the ogre and had him kill them for me.

So, is the fact that certain skills only regenerate after combat something that was intended? I understand that some people see such pacifist runs as gimmicky and only as a way of "abusing" the mechanics to avoid combat altogether and cheat one's way through the game. Something in me, however, enjoys these kinds of playthroughs. But at the same time, I don't expect anything to cater to it.

I will ask this though, is there any possibility that per engagement skills could regenerate after map changes? I'm alright wiith it either way, really, as I could see that causing issues with some people, as some might consider that game-breaking.


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