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[Inventory] shift+double click duplication bug




Pressing shift+double-click creates duplicate items and sends them to your quickslot.



I was trying to figure out if I could split a stack of potions by shift-clicking on them. What I found is that it doubles the stack and sends it to your quickslot(s). A three potion stack turned into a 5 potion stack and a single potion. The five item stack then becomes unmoveable/unclickable. The single item can moved back into inventory, but if you shift+double-click that single item it dupes it and replaces the five item stack with two potions (which like before cannot be removed/manipulated from the quickslot).


Additional Comments: 

I attempted to replicate the bug and it seems somewhat inconsistent in the way it manifests. Sometimes picking up one of the duplicate stacks (the only one you can manipulate) and dragging it over the other will cause the duplicate to disappear. In another case when duplicating a single item this way it creates a stack of 2 that cannot be interacted with, when toggling to another character and coming back, the item vanishes entirely from the inventory.


Screenshots attached:


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