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Graphics bug: Windows or armory get black



What happens:

The orange windows turn black partially black at night (Armory and Mill house).


How to reproduce:

1. Travel / wait until it is evening time and the windows turn orange.

2. Go near the armory

3. Fully zoom in

4. Move / scroll the map around as the black sections on the windows appear/disappear with the scrolling.

5. If it doesn't happen at 4. Move characters around a bit and move / scroll map again


What should actually happen:

The windows should stay orange.



Moving characters around seems to affect it, although it is not clear at all how (relative position, etc?).

Happens on the Armory windows as well as the mill house windows. The inn and Hendyna's house seem to be fine.


Resolution 1920x1080

Windows 7 64bit, GeForce GTX 560ti, Driver 340.52




The three windows on the left should actually be fully orange, like the one just right of the door. The same goes for the two on the right. Only the three in the middle should be unlit.

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