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Thoughts on Cursor selection and other tidbits


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These are just a few loose thoughts. I plan on doing a longer post later on. . .probably tomorrow.


The first thing I noticed that I found annoying was the cursor selection. It scrolls with the screen if you are near the edge of it; this means that you lose your original placement of the corner of the selection. Not the biggest deal, and I honestly cannot remember how the IE games did it, but I find it annoying.


Also, as someone who is planning on playing ironman, permadeath, and expert mode upon release, I feel that aoe range indicator should be a toggle even on expert. Again, just my opinion, but that seems like an extremely difficult thing to judge. I agree with the other choices.


The autopause options are awesomesauce, and anyone that hasn't tried them, I would highly recommend it. Overall, loving what I see. I think these next few years are going to be good ones for the genre.

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