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My thoughts on combat

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I'm enjoying what I've seen so far, but it's definitely a beta.  Unfortunately, the combat seems to be the weakest part for me. 


As others have mentioned, I think things move too fast once combat starts (actually I think in general, the movement speed is a bit on the fast side.)  Mobs move very quickly to engage, and in general it's difficult to track who is doing what. 


Similarly, it's hard to actually tell who has what targeted.  I can rarely tell if my fighter has a creature engaged, if my rogue is engaged, and sometimes, it's even hard to see the mobs themselves.  I fought the group with the boars near the start and it was really hard to see the boars in the grass.  I think some of this may be due to the angle/perspective, so I'm not sure what can be done about it.


Either way, I'm not thrilled with the combat at this point.  I'm trying to think of what the IE games did that made combat work better, and I think some key differences are:

The generally slower pace.

PCs and NPCs had a bit more space between them, making it easier to tell who was doing what.

The view angle was a bit more top-down.

Better reactions and feedback on hits.

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