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Character gen and resolution bug

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The character generation seemed pretty straightforward with the following exceptions:

- I'd suggest picking culture before attribute assignment.  The default Aedyr bonus to Resolve was confusing when looking at the initial stats because I didn't know where it was coming from, and once I set my stats and moved on the the next step I had to go back and re-adjust my attributes when I changed it to something else to keep the values I wanted.


- Having some text about attribute scale would be nice.  I experimented to figure out that they use a 3-18 scale with no bonuses but it might be nice to have a text blurb about that right off.


- Maybe filter the portraits by gender and race?


Also, when I started up the game I picked 1920x1200 as my default resolution.  When I entered the game I noticed that the edges of the screen were being cut off.  I checked the in-game resolution in the Graphics settings and it was set to 1920x1080.  I changed this to 1920x1200 through the settings menu and it fixed the display issue.

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