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Performance fix DungeonSiege III



There are many opinions in internet that DS III have horrible optimalization.

Yes, that is truth. But after time spending, and looking for the fix. I think that i already found something

It works on my PC and it gives performance boost

First go to Steam Library right click on the game and choose Properties. In the "General" tab, click "Set Launch Options" and enter seta r_useThreadedRenderer"2"  (where"2"" is a number of cores of your amd or intel processor)

Second   , go to My Document click ,,My games,,next ,,DungeonSiege III,, Open ,,user.ini,, file and  paste ,,r_useThreadedRenderer = 2,,

in [Engine.Render] section.

Third, go to the Steam-----Common----DungeonSiegeIII, and open,,config.ini,, Paste ,,r_useThreadedRenderer           = 2,, in [Engine.Render] section.


If u have nvidia garphic card, go to  nvidia control panel and in PhysX section ,change setting to GPU or CPU. Just try separatly wchich one will be working better with DSIII. In my case it is CPU.


I have forced V-sync trough nvidia control panel. V-sync in the game  options is disabled


That s all. If it helps somebody, just let knows on the forum.    Like i said it helps on my PC,and i get small fps boost, enough for decent play.

 Sry for my English, it isnt my native leanguage

 Btw dont asked me how many fps i have got now, i dont know. But i see that DSIII works  smoother.

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Thats completly new to me. I don't remember many complaints about pc performance. I wouldn't say that's *the truth*.


What's your pc?


Thanks though.


Edit: Thinking about it some more there were some specific complaints IIRC. I think for Users of SLI Cards. Do you run two graphic cards?

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