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What Happened to the Ebon Hawk?

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In Kotor,we see in both Endings that the Ebon Hawk is either in the republic space or in the Star Forge Hangar
In Kotor 2,the game starts that the ship is seriously damaged
the question is how the Ebon Hawk got damaged the first time,since the Harbinger Captain mentions that the Ebon Hawk was already severely damaged,so what happened?why the Ebon Hawk is damaged and HK-47 is in the Cargo room and banged the door?
another is what happens after the events of TOR?where is the Ebon Hawk?i hope that LucasArts or Disney made that ship end up like Revan,or i'll get even more angry at them.

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i already knew the informations there,but it doesn't explain how it was found and attacked by Sion.and who really shot it causing the starboard engine to be fried and how a piece of the hull was torn away,it doesn't look 'space worthy' how the ****ty book says,it can't even fly because it has a damaged iperdrive

and i asked what happened to it after the stupid book.

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